“Our darkest time has been his finest hour.”

The Third Circuit issued an opinion on Friday, perhaps you heard?

It was a dramatic day that capped a dramatic season for the court, which found itself the epicenter of President Trump’s efforts to upend the results of the 2020 presidential election in the courts. A link to Friday’s opinion—authored by Judge Bibas and surely among the most important opinions in the court’s history—is here.

[Disclosure: I was among counsel that filed an amicus brief in the appeal urging affirmance.]

I posted commentary about the appeal and about the election litigation generally on Twitter, much of it aimed at explaining what was happening to the non-lawyer public.

On Saturday, I posted a long, admiring thread on Twitter discussing Chief Judge Smith and his role in the election litigation. It began:

50 tweets later, it ended:

If you’re interested in reading the whole thread, here is a link that makes it easier to read.

The response to my effort to tell Chief Judge Smith’s story has floored me. I’ve wanted to tell it for years now, and I can’t express how satisfying it is that it’s resonated with so many other people, too.