Two criminal-appeal reversals

Two published opinions today, both criminal appeals, both authored by non-CA3 judges, and both reversals.

First up, US v. White, reversing the denial of a motion to suppress possession of 2 guns. White’s home was sweep-searched incident to his arrest, even though the arrest happened outside the home; the district court erred by analyzing the search as if the arrest had been inside. Opinion by a D. Del. Judge Stark by designation, joined by Fuentes and Fisher. Argued by young-appellate-lawyer-to-watch AFD Keith Donoghue for the defendant, Paul Shapiro for the government.

The other was United States v. Velazquez, reversing on speedy trial grounds. Opinion by CA1 Judge Lipez, joined by Rendell, dissent by Jordan. Argued by Jerome Kaplan (of Beverly Hills!) for the defendant, Bernadette McKeon for the Government.