“Penn State Law student lands dream-come-true federal clerkship”

The headline of this post is from a news item on Penn State News, link here, featuring Tom Brier, an upcoming clerk for Judge Thomas Vanaskie. It is surely the least cynical thing you will read all day, as this quote illustrates:

“In a lot of ways, this is the culmination of everything I worked for since I first met Judge Vanaskie,” Brier said. “To be here now, I definitely have butterflies, almost like before a basketball game in college, but I’m also incredibly excited at the same time.”

Judge Vanaskie is quoted too. Happy Friday.

UPDATE: Penn Law also released some upcoming-clerks news today: both winners of the school’s Keedy Cup moot court competition will be clerking for Third Circuit judges. Congratulations to Andrew D’Aversa (Scirica) and Aaseesh Polavarapu (Chagares). And one of the competition’s judges this year was Judge Patty Shwartz.