Porter’s committee vote delayed again [updated]

David Porter will have to wait at least another week for a Senate Judiciary Committee vote on his nomination to the Third Circuit.

Porter originally was scheduled for a committee vote on June 21, but the vote was held over for a week. At the time, Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley said it was held over at Democrats request. But Senator Jeff Flake has announced that he is blocking the Eleventh Circuit nomination of Britt Cagle Grant over tariff policy, and Roll Call reported that Porter’s nomination would “likely” be stalled by Flake as well.

Today, Porter and Grant both were on the agenda for Judiciary Committee votes on their nomination, but Senator Grassley announced:

We will not be able to vote on two nominees to the appellate court even though they are ready for votes. So Britt Grant Eleventh Circuit and David Porter Third Circuit will be held over another week.

No further explanation.


UPDATE2: Good coverage on the Flake blockade of Porter and Grant by The Hill on June 30 here.

Meanwhile, the other pending Third Circuit nominee, Paul Matey, still has not been set for a Judiciary Committee hearing and has not received his ABA rating yet. It looks to me like he will be the next circuit judge the ABA rates. Four judges nominated after him already have received their ABA ratings to accommodate the committee’s hearing schedule.