The 2015 judicial financial disclosure reports are out, and Chief Judge McKee dissents

Here is an interesting new article by Zoe Tillman in the National Law Journal about the wisdom of forcing federal judges to publicly reveal the banks where they hold accounts. It features Third Circuit Chief Judge Theodore McKee, whose 2015 report stated: “I see no reasoned or legitimate reason for requiring disclosure of where bank accounts are held,” and “As far as I am concerned, this is an invitation to identity theft and fraud and will not be corrected until someone is victimized by this mindless requirement!!”

Conflict-searchers and identity thieves can find the the 2015 reports here. (My 2014 post about the disclosure reports is here.)

The article reported that Chief Judge McKee did not expect his protest to change the status quo, but, channeling his inner legal blogger, “I feel better about doing something that I don’t believe in if I register my protest.”