Right-to-film-police appeal is among new argument videos

The Third Circuit has posted video recordings of three recent oral arguments, and one of them is a case that has gotten a lot of attention. All three cases were argued on May 9 before Judges Ambro, Restrepo, and Nygaard.

The high-profile case is Fields v. City of Philadelphia, the PA ACLU’s appeal from a district court ruling that civilians have no First Amendment right to film on-duty police absent expressive conduct. The case has gotten extensive media coverage, such as this 2016 story.

The other two new videos:

  • Bennett v. Superintendent, a habeas corpus appeal argued by the Drexel Law Appellate Litigation Clinic and
  • Mendoza-Ordonez v. AG, an immigration appeal involving asylum.

Arguing counsel and case summaries for all three pages are here, just click the arrow to the left of each case number for the details.