Reversals compilation 2014

This post will compile all 2014 CA3 published reversals and vacaturs. It is current through December 12. Cases I recognize as especially important are in bold.



Civil Rights


Habeas & 2255



2 thoughts on “Reversals compilation 2014

  1. Ellen Brotman

    This is a very helpful post on the Third Circuit reversals. Especially at a time when convictions are being affirmed at the rate of 95%, up from 91% just a few years ago. (Hat tip to Peter Goldberger for the statistic.)

  2. Matthew Stiegler Post author

    Ellen, you’re right. Last year’s 5% CA3 reversal rate was anomalously low. Since 2001, it’s only been below 9% one other year. The overall trend is fewer reversals, but I suspect last year was a statistical outlier rather than the new normal. I’ve been geeking out on reversal stats and will have a post later today.

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