Upcoming oral arguments

A panel of McKee, Chagares, and a shifting third (Nygaard, Garth, and Thompson of DNJ) is sitting for arguments in Philadelphia next week. Schedule for the sitting here.

Two recent CA3 clerks will be arguing; both are law firm associates appearing pro bono. Hardiman alum Michael Glick will argue Scott v. Warden on Tuesday, and 2007 Fisher alum Paige Foster will argue Siluk v. Merwin on Wednesday. Welcome back to both.

Also next week there’s a capital habeas argument on Tuesday in Michael v. Wetzel. CA3 remanded Michael’s case in 2006 for a competency evaluation. The panel is Ambro, Greenberg, and Nygaard. Arguing are Amy Donnella for the Philly CHU and James Barker for the AG.

Finally, this week there are two panels sitting out-of-town, one in Pittsburgh and one in the Virgin Islands. Some clerks bitter, some happy …