New telecommunications opinion

AT&T v. Core Communications — civil / telecommunications — vacate & remand — Roth

You know who AT&T is. Core Communications is a specialized phone company whose customers are all internet service providers (ISPs). AT&T’s customers called Core’s customers. Core billed AT&T for the calls, AT&T refused to pay, Core filed a complaint with the state utility commission, and the utility commission ruled in Core’s favor. Finally AT&T sued in federal court, seeking an injunction to enjoin enforcement, arguing that the state utility commission violated federal law, and the district court granted summary judgment to AT&T. Today, the Third Circuit vacated and remanded with instructions to grant summary judgment in Core’s favor.

Joining Roth were Ambro and Scirica. Arguing counsel were Shaun Sparks for the utility commission, Christopher Van de Verge for Core, and Mayer Brown associate Christopher Comstock for AT&T.