Tanker-spill case heading back to Third Circuit after $180M verdict

Linda Loyd has this story today on Philly.com, headlined “Judge makes $120M ruling against Citgo in massive 2004 Delaware River spill.” The case arose when a tanker ship struck an old anchor submerged near a refinery dock and spilled more than a quarter of a million gallons into the Delaware River. Loyd reports that the losing defendant has already filed a notice of appeal to the Third Circuit. The case is USA v. Citgo Asphalt Refining Company.

The Third Circuit decided an appeal in the case in 2013, captioned In re: Frescati Shipping, when it vacated a district court ruling in favor of the defendants in a 59-page slip op. that it amended three times. The 2013 opinion noted that future appeals would be referred to the same panel (Ambro, Greenaway, and O’Malley Fed. Cir. by designation).