New opinion: Weev wins


Weev self-portrait (weev at en.wikipedia)


The Third Circuit today vacated the conviction of Andrew Auernheimer, better known as “Weev” and generally described as a hacker and internet troll. The court held that the district court lacked venue. This was one of the circuit’s higher-profile recent cases. Quick writing: the argument was just 3 weeks ago.

Opinion by Chagares, joined by Greenaway and Vanaskie. Arguing counsel were Orin Kerr for Weev and Glenn Moramarco for the Government.

Kerr’s reaction post here.

Legal Intelligencer coverage here.

Update: I analyzed the Weev oral argument here.

Two other CA3 published opinions today:

  • reversing grant of summary judgment in a 1983 failure-to-train suit arising out of a NJ prison attack, opinion by Fisher joined by Jordan and Sloviter.
  • affirming denial of intervention in a Virgin Islands prison-conditions suit, opinion by Fisher joined by Cowen and Nygaard.