A Hardiman profile in Delaware Law Weekly

P.J. D’Annunzio just posted this profile of Judge Hardiman for Delaware Law Weekly, headlined, “Eyes Shift to Hardiman as Trump Prepares His Supreme Court Pick.”

One good quote here (link added):

Stephen Orlofsky, a former New Jersey federal judge and past president of the Third Circuit Bar Association, has had cases before Hardiman.

Orlofsky said Hardiman doesn’t betray any political leanings on the bench.

“I have not found Hardiman to be an ideologue,” he said. “He calls it the way he sees it, he’s always well prepared, he’s a smart guy. I’d rather appear before him then a lot of judges because he’s engaged.”

But I believe my favorite part of the story comes when the intrepid reporter calls up Judge Barry’s chambers for a comment:

[A]n assistant to Trump Barry relayed a message from the judge: she “hasn’t done interviews for the past 34 years and isn’t going to start now.”