Bibas isn’t 50, but he did get the ABA’s top rating and broad support from his colleagues [updated]

Three [now four!] updates on Third Circuit nominee Stephanos Bibas:

First, the American Bar Association judicial ratings committee has rated Bibas well qualified. Of Trump’s nine circuit nominees rated so far, Bibas is the fifth to get the ABA’s highest rating.

Second, Bibas is not his 50’s. When Bibas’s nomination was first announced, conservative activist Carrie Severino gave his age in a National Review profile as “50 (approximate).” But in reality Bibas is 47 years old, according to Penn Law’s own June 7 announcement. (I haven’t seen his birthdate reported, so it’s possible he’s since turned 48.)

Third, Severino’s profile now links to letters of endorsement sent to the Senate Judiciary committee signed by a slew of fellow academics, including this one whose signers include numerous prominent liberals and this one from a former clerk for Judges Sloviter and Restrepo.

UPDATE: also today Politico reported that Bibas met with Republican PA Senator Pat Toomey but not Democratic Senator Bob Casey before his nomination.