Financial disclosure trivia

Federal judges annually report their outside income, investments, gifts, debts, and the like. Yesterday the Center for Public Integrity posted a searchable database collecting federal appellate judges’ disclosures. Litigants can double-check judicial recusals (financial conflicts are missed in a small number of cases: CPI report here, AP story here, apparently no CA3 judges goofed Update: actually, CPI identified a 2010 financial conflict involving Judge Roth; Bruce Greenberg’s New Jersey Appellate Law blog reports that the parties were notified and did not respond). Or just snoop.

For CA3 judges, I saw no scandal in the database but a couple interesting facts:

  • Barry is by far the wealthiest circuit judge in the country (reportedly through her father, not her kid brother)
  • Greenaway is the only CA3 judge with credit-card debt
  • Fordham Law paid Shwartz only $2,500 for teaching (c’mon, Fordham, that’s less than a tenth of what Seton Hall paid Chagares)
  • Scirica redacts a lot, and
  • Aldisert isn’t getting rich off of Winning on Appeal

Hat tip: Howard Bashman at How Appealing and Bruce Greenberg at New Jersey Appellate Law.