Judge Smith heading up judiciary space-trimming effort

The Judicial Conference posted a news release today which included this Third Circuit-related passage:

[T]he Conference received an update on its space reduction program, which was adopted by the Conference in 2013 as a Judiciary-wide cost saving measure. The key component of this effort is to reduce court space nationwide by three percent by the end of Fiscal Year 2018.  Judge D. Brooks Smith, chair of the Conference’s Space and Facilities Committee, reported to the Conference today that the courts have reached more than two-thirds of their overall target of reducing usable square footage by 870,305 square feet. This will result in an annual cost avoidance of approximately $15.5 million.

“In witnessing the commitment and follow-through by courts and court staff across the country, what has been most impressive is the spirit of cooperation, and sometimes even sacrifice, that has brought us to where we are now,” Judge Smith told the Conference. “All circuits have indicated that they plan to meet or exceed their circuit goals.”

The update also described pilot programs for prisoner e-filing and expanded intra-circuit judge-sharing.