Morning Call profile of Judge Hardiman

Peter Hall of the Allentown Morning Call has this article profiling Third Circuit Judge Thomas Hardiman. It’s a fine article with an odd headline, “Trump judge sided with Easton school district in ‘boobies’ case.” Of course, ‘Trump judge’ refers to the fact that Hardiman was one of 21 judges President-elect Donald Trump listed as possible Supreme Court nominees.

The article quotes former Hardiman clerk Richard Heppner (now an associate in the appellate group at Reed Smith), who described the judge as friendly, thoughtful, and pleasant, and who described how the judge encouraged his clerks to go jogging with him.

It also quotes Howard Bashman observing that, while Hardiman would be a good conservative choice for the Supreme Court, two facts weigh against him: he’s not a state judge and he serves on the same court that Justice Alito came from. By contrast, I’m quoted saying Judge Hardiman is “exactly the kind of judge conservatives are looking for for the Supreme Court.” It’s a safe bet that Bashman’s closer to the mark.