“Obama’s pick … draws Toomey’s ire”

Jonathan Tamari and Jeremy Roebuck are reporting at Philly.com that Republican Senator Pat Toomey is already attacking President Obama’s nomination of Rebecca Ross Haywood for the Third Circuit:

But Toomey questioned her qualifications, said the White House knows he does not support her, and said the administration had chosen a “confrontational approach” over a longstanding practice of cooperation when it comes to federal judges from Pennsylvania.

“Instead of blowing up a bipartisan working arrangement,” he added, “the president should take a step back, put an end to this political theater, withdraw a nomination that is not suitable for such an important lifetime position.”

* * *

Toomey said Haywood had “struggled to answer legal questions” about Obama’s executive actions shielding some illegal immigrants from deportation – moves that outraged conservatives.

Playing out as I predicted so far.