Rounding up early coverage of the Porter and Matey nominations for Third Circuit

It’s been a week since the Trump administration announced its intent to nominate David Porter and Paul Matey to the two current open seats on the Third Circuit. (Both nominations have since happened). There has been substantial media coverage and online commentary of both nominations, especially the more controversial Porter nomination, and in this post I’ve collected the more significant coverage and commentary I’ve seen.

(On Twitter, I’ve been retweeting news and commentary about the nominations and will continue to do so, more frequently than I’ll post here. If you’re on Twitter, I invite you to follow me there: @CA3blog)

Probably the most significant news to date is that PA’s Democratic Senator Bob Casey reportedly has told the White House he will not return his blue slip for Porter. I first saw that tweeted here by Inquirer reporter Jonathan Tamari and here by Zoe Tillman.


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