The Washington Post delves into Barry-gate [updated]

Fred Barbash has a story this morning on, entitled “Meet Donald’s Trump’s sister, the tough, respected federal judge Ted Cruz called a ‘radical pro-abortion extremist.'”


I’m featured — embarrassingly, as the lawyer “most notably” “stirred t[o] anger” by the Barry-bashing — and Barbash ends the story with a quote from CA3blog.

The article adds some telling details to the discussion: that Judge Barry was rated as a centrist in a study of circuit-judge ideology, that Seton Hall University publicly apologized for giving her an award, and that “antiabortion groups have been going after her for years about” the Farmer opinion.

Excellent story. Will it be the last word on this trumped-up controversy? Seems unlikely.

UPDATE: Rammesh Ponnuru of responds to the Washington Post article, and to me, here.