Why is the Philadelphia media ignoring the Bibas nomination?

Back in June, President Donald Trump nominated Stephanos Bibas to the Third Circuit.

But today, 86 days later, the Philadelphia Inquirer still hasn’t said a thing about it. Nor has the Daily News. Nor has Phillymag.com. Nor has Phillyvoice.com. What gives?

When President Barack Obama nominated Pittsburgh-area federal prosecutor Rebecca Haywood to the Third Circuit, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ran a detailed profile the same day, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also ran a story the same day. The Inquirer had a story of its own, here.

When Obama nominated Judge Restrepo, the Inquirer had extensive coverage, starting with a substantial story posted the day of the nomination.

Is Trump’s first Third Circuit nomination — a hometown professor who’s taken some provocative public positions on big issues — not newsworthy?