“A minuscule but committed group of attorneys have toiled away blogging on specific federal courts …”

Friday on Law360, Dan Packel had this feature [subscription required], headlined, “Atty Bloggers Find Niche Tracking Federal Appeals Courts.” I think it’s a wonderful article, perhaps because one of the “minuscule … group of bloggers” featured is me.

Other featured toilers-away are Professor Aaron Nielson of D.C. Circuit Review — Reviewed, Benton Martin of Sixth Circuit Blog, David Coale of 600Camp, and two young lawyers aiming to start a D.C. Circuit blog soon. (And I encourage others to join the fun.)

My blog has been cited a number of times in the media before (notably here), but this is the first time anyone has written about it. My second-grade daughter is pretty amped about it, so I am too.