“Federal Appellate Court Judge seeks a recent law school graduate as a full-time temporary law clerk …. for three weeks starting August 28”

The Third Circuit website today posted an interesting vacancy announcement. A Philadelphia-based Third Circuit judge is hiring a law clerk for three weeks, starting the end of this month, with the chance to apply for a permanent spot.

Says the announcement:

The incumbent conducts legal research, prepares legal memoranda, helps prepare the judge for oral argument, coordinates and helps train interns, and assists in the drafting of orders and opinions in both civil and criminal cases. In addition, the incumbent handles the filing of orders and opinions, interfaces with the public, other court units, and other chambers as needed, coordinates the judge’s scheduling and travel, and oversees the day-to-day operations of chambers. This position is located in the judge’s chambers and reports directly to the judge.

Sounds like an amazing three weeks. Does my 16 years since graduating law school qualify me as “recent”?