New CA3blog feature: case tags

Regular readers have probably noticed that the past couple weeks some of my new-opinion posts have been less prompt than usual. I’ve been out of the office on vacation, and while my Third Circuit love continued unabated, there were fewer days where I was staring at the circuit’s opinion page at 12:31 p.m., hitting the refresh button over and over.

Anyway, one good thing to come out of the time away was I had a small idea for how to make the blog better: case tags. Case tags are a way to make it easier for readers (and for me) to find different categories of cases I’ve posted about. There are tags for different substantive-law areas: civil, criminal, agency, bankruptcy, habeas, immigration, prisoner rights, tax. There are tags for different case outcomes: reversals, dissents, concurrences etc. And tags for circuit splits, en bancs, major cases, Supreme Court and cert. Plus, for the heck of it, there are tags to keep track of my research posts and posts that got linked on How Appealing.

These new tags show up at the bottom of posts (but only when viewed on a computer browser, not a smartphone or tablet). To pull up other CA3blog posts with the same tag, just click on the tag itself. All the tags are listed in the bar on the right side of the screen, too, also hyperlinked to any tagged posts.

I went back and added tags for all posts since the start of the year. When I get a chance I’ll tag older posts too, but CA3blog now has over 500 posts so that won’t be a small project.

I always welcome input about the blog, so if you have any requests or ideas for how to make it better just post a comment or email me.