Sheldon Adelson lost an appeal today in the Third Circuit [updated]

Casino magnate and major conservative political donor Sheldon Adelson lost a Third Circuit appeal today in an unpublished opinion. The opinion is here. Adelson (who, ironically, owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal) brought a defamation suit against a reporter for writing an article referring to him as “foul-mouthed.”  Huffington Post coverage of the suit here. The reporter’s defense, the opinion notes drily, is that the statement is “true in substance and fact.” The reporter sought discovery from a third-party of documents involving foul language by Adelson, the district court granted the discovery, and today the Third Circuit affirmed.

Gee whiz.

(Only the nerdiest among you will share my interest in noting that the opinion lists the attorneys in the caption, which is unusual for Third Circuit non-precedential opinions. UPDATE: a diligent reader reminded me that the court lists the attorneys in non-published opinions whenever oral argument was held.)