Third Circuit: “If the shutdown is prolonged, the federal courts face serious disruptions.”

The Third Circuit posted an announcement today on its website about the government shutdown. It begins:

Operations for the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit will not be affected, at least initially, by the government shutdown. The Court is open. Oral arguments will be heard as scheduled. All filing deadlines must be met.

Not “[a]ll” deadlines, actually: deadlines for federal government executive agencies in non-emergency civil cases are suspended. Most other deadlines (including all criminal-case deadlines) remain in force.

The announcement also says CJA counsel should continue submitting payment vouchers: “Payment of vouchers will continue, subject to continued available funding. Payment of vouchers may be delayed.”

It ends with the observation quoted in the title of this post, stating that it becomes necessary for the court to curtail services it will post an announcement on its website.