Supreme Court agrees to review Third Circuit appealability case

This morning the Supreme Court also granted certiorari to review a Third Circuit case, Hall v. Hall. Scotusblog describes the issue as “Whether the clarity Gelboim v. Bank of America gave to multidistrict cases should be extended to single district consolidated cases, so that the entry of a final judgment in only one case triggers the appeal-clock for that case.” The Scotusblog case page with links to the cert papers is here, the Supreme Court docket is here.

The Third Circuit opinion is here. It was authored by Judge Jordan and joined by Judges Chagares and Hardiman. The opinion was non-precedential and the question upon which the Supreme Court just granted certiorari was dispensed with in a two-sentence footnote.

Counsel for the successful petitioner is Andrew Simpson of St. Croix, USVI. Simpson is the president-elect of the Third Circuit Bar Association, and just this week he was featured on this blog describing the hurricane devastation there. So I imagine persuading the Supreme Court to hear his case is singularly well-timed good news.

Congratulations Andy!

(Thanks to David Fine for flagging this for me.)